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Hip-Tri`s Chasidy  

DOB: 10-01-2002
Deceased: -
RegNo: 03646/02
Color: white
Country of origin: Norway
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 93.1%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 58 in 5 gen. (93.55%), unique: 54)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
Int. Ch, German Ch., Dutch Ch. Mylord von Ajaccio
Mylord von Ajaccio
German Ch. Nico von der Weymouthskiefer
DDR Ch. La-Sal's Herby
La-Sal's Anja
Baffy Von Den Partisanen
Aylin von der Weymouthskiefer
Boyko von der Ravensbergen
Bianca von Belicia
German Ch. Iberia u Panaka
Sips-Villi (Grunberg/ Grjunberg)
Fikki Sass Keevalik
Frantik (Kovalenko)
Snezana Utkina
Pil Sipsik Grjunberg
Zan-Tune Ots
Pille-Pijn Sipelgas
Archela u Panaka
Czech Ch. Jean Paul
A-Remik (Tjurina A.I.)
Majka (Podgornova K.P.)
Elga Valasske Hory
Czech Ch. Jean Paul
Aska Valasske Hory
No Ch Se Ch Hip-Tri's Alley Macgood
EU CH 1997 FIN CH SE CH DK CH NO CH Phoenix Zur Alten Schmiede
Merino Zur Alten Schmiede
Lemy De La Meutre d'Autrefois
European Ch. Dutch Ch, Belgian Ch. Happy de Chaponay
Helly del Leone Fiammingo
Ilerita Zur Alten Schmiede
Alpha von der Alte Mühle
European Ch. Dutch Ch, Belgian Ch. Happy de Chaponay
Dedi del Leone Fiammingo
Tesy di Monte Albano
Amaretto Degli Elmi
Martino dell'Alfa Centauro
Piterpan dell'Alfa Centauro
Rugiada di San Milano
Et di San Milano
Peterhund Ginevra
Oz della Fornarina
Barone Del Leone Fiammingo
Peterhund Bianca
Oz della Fornarina
Sueila Del Leone Fiammingo
Direct offspring
no data
From same sire and dam:
Hip-Tri`s Cassandra
Hip-Tri`s Celesta Canis Minor
N UCH Hip-Tri`s Charlie Bel-Mondo
Hip-Tri`s Cæsar Den Store
From same sire (Mylord von Ajaccio):
With: German Ch. Rea Jizerska Protez
Int. Ch, German Ch. Xi-Coco von Ajaccio
Fabiola von Ajaccio
With: Baroness Pre Radost
Sandra’s Samona Sita
With: Francie von Quickli
Kathy von Ma-Ro
With: White Lady Vom Reidepark
JWW-02 NO UCH NORD V-03 SE UCH SE V-02 Dancing White Boy Vom Reidepark
With: Baroness Pre Radost
Sandra's Samona Sita
From same dam (Hip-Tri's Alley Macgood):
With: JWW-02 NO UCH NORD V-03 SE UCH SE V-02 Dancing White Boy Vom Reidepark
DK UCH NO UCH NO V-03 SE UCH Hip-Tri's Dixi Little Wisp Of Hair
Hip-Tri`s Dancing White Rose
N S UCH Hip-Tri`s Dario Allysandro
Hip-Tri`s Denni Deuito
Hip-Tris Dreamgirl
Hip-Tri`s Fabian
Hip-Tri`s Felix Fernando
Hip-Tri`s Fioretta Di Primavera
Hip-Tri`s Florenti Regina Elisabeth
Hip-Tri`s Franz Albert
With: Int Nord Uch Nv-04-06 Kbhv-05 Sv-06 Amore Amorinas Gaga Mio
Hip-Tri`s Amore Amorinas Gioiello
Hip-Tri`s Gino
Hip-Tri`s Gino-Boy
Hip-Tri`s Gismo
Hip-Tri`s Graceful Nelly
Hip-Tri`s Greate Lady
Hip-Tri's Ivo
N UCH Hip-Tri`s Innocent
Hip-Tri`s Isadora
Hip-Tri`s Iselin
Hip-Tri`s Ivo