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Little White Wonder


kennel/owner: Little White Wonder
contact name: Jessie v Driel
adres: Netherlands
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Owned Dogs:
Beltrami Bianco Stefania (Steffie)
NHSB 2995546/ MET 58/14, 15-07-2014, white

Bounien Yes Sir I Can Boogie
FI41586/18, 02-07-2018, white

Eu J Ch. World J. Ch. Krista (Jackie)
NHSB 2785145, 18-04-2009, white
Owner: Kennel Little White Wonder
Little White Wonder Kristina Alisa
NHSB 2858862, 25-11-2011, white

Oidipus Aphaia (Noah)
30-09-2005, white

Vaniglia (Gina)
NHSB 2909170, 05-02-2012, white

Xara von Liebertwolkwitz
NHSB2840744/ VDH-VK 10.2092, 06-12-2010, white

Bred Dogs:
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Little White Wonder Agapi Zoë Gina
NHSB 2609874, 28-05-2006, white

Little White Wonder Alicia Zoëlina
NHSB 2609872, 28-05-2006, white
Export Germany
Little White Wonder Amadeo Zoëllus
NHSB 2609870, 28-05-2006, white
Export Hawaii
Little White Wonder Amaryllis Zoë
NHSB 2609871, 28-05-2006, white

Little White Wonder Aristo Soveh
NHSB 2609868, 28-05-2006, white

Little White Wonder Ayala Wahay
NHSB 2609873, 28-05-2006, white

Little White Wonder Calimero Oidi
NHSB 2663136, 30-06-2007, white

Little White Wonder Camillo Oidi
NHSB 2663131, 30-06-2007, white
Export Norway
Little White Wonder Casimiro Oidi
NHSB 2663133, 30-06-2007, white

Little White Wonder Chico Oidi
NHSB 2663130, 30-06-2007, white